These are some class pictures and other random pictures of places and pupils from that era.Click on the small versions to see what was scanned at full resolution. If you have any photos you would like to contribute, I would appreciate the opportunity to post them here. Please scan in 300 dpi or higher. I will credit each source. Please send to If you are not in the class of 1961 and have a set of grade school class pictures or just one, I would be glad to post them under your class year.

The pictures below are just thumbnails of the actual pictures. You can click on these pictures and download the full resolution size jpg.

All of the pictures and information below were supplied by Don Knotts.

Back row, L to R Mrs Weybright, teacher, Juanita Garcia, Judy Mattson, "Walter" (not his real name), Roger McComber, Bill Lee, Don Knotts
Third row L to R Vernice Doney, Larry Jones, Ron Womenan, Beverly McComber, Dan Hale, Ron Graichen, Geneveive Goodrich
Second Row L to R Weyman Keyser, Bill Lindsley, unknown, Evelyn (?), Patti Craven, Norman Nesmith, unknown, unknown
First row L to R Doris Bodie, Sherry Lenhard, Judy Martin, unknown, Jim Lanier, Dale Holcom, Margar

On the left, Mrs. Inez Sanford, 6th grade teacher, on the right, Mrs Veda Davis, room teacher
Back row L to R Vernice Doney, Mike Ober, Ron Necry, Bill Lee, Don Knotts, Geneveive Goodrich, unknown, Beverly McComber, Bud Yardley, Jim Swanson, Jim Corkill, Lance Anderson

Back row L to R Dan Reschmann, Lloyd Hagnas, Harry Holmes, Geneveive Goodrich, Don Knotts, Jim Corkill, Ron Graichen
2nd row L to R unknown, Bill Berg, Lance Anderson, Stephen Mason, Sherry Lenhard, Juanita Garcia, Larry Jones, Weyman Keyser
Front row L to R Curtis Allen, Jim Lanier, Patti Craven, unknown, unknown, Delores Huber, Doris Bodie, Margaret Jameson, unkown

Back row L to $ Sherry Lenhard, unknown, Doris bodie, Delores Huber, Bill Berg, Don Knotts, Don Shanks, Dan Reischmann, Reggie Bieberdorf
2nd Row L to R Jim Corkill, Dan Hale, Ron Graichen, Jim Lanier, Dan Camden, Patti Craven, Margaret Jameson, unknown, Juanita Garcia
1st Row L to R Larry Jones, Earl Cooper, Weyman keyser, Stephen Mason, Lloyd Hagnas, Harry Holmes
Note: No group pictures was taken of the 5th grade.

Back row L to R Bill Berg, Ron Teague, Dan Hale, Stephen Mason, Johnie Ringer, Don Knotts, Dan Newton, Harry Holmes, Mrs Sanford, teacher
2nd row L to R Jim Lanier, Larry Jones, Ron Graichen, Reggie Bieberdorf, Earl Cooper, Bob Moore, Jim Corkill, Dan Reischmann
1st row L to R Juanita Garcia, Doris Bodie, Judy Martin, Delores Huber, Helen Pike, Nelva Byens, Pattie Craven, Sherry Lenhard, Betty Nichols

Back row L to R Dan Hale, Ray Helmick, Bill Lee, Jim Corkill, Don Knotts, Mrs. Goodman, teacher
3rd row L to R Reggie Bieberdorf, Vernice Doney, Delores Huber, Sherry Lenhard, Helen Pike, Doris Bodie, Pattie Craven
2nd row L to R Dan Carden, Lloyd Hagnas, Larry Jones, Bill Berg, Mary Ellen Ferrell, Beverly Herglund, Colene Fredin
1st row L to R Jim Lanier, Weyman Keyser, Ron Graichen, Earl Cooper

Back row, L to R Mr. Fleming Teacher, Weyman Keyser, Lloyd Hagnas, Bill Berg, Dan Carden, Dan Hale, Bill lee, Don Knotts, Jim Corkill, Larry Jones, jim Lanier, Ron Graichen
Front row L to R Myrna Jackson, Judy Mattson, Doris Bodie, Sherry Lenhard, Helen Pike, Patti Craven, Beverly Herglund, Delores Huber, Vernice Doney, Mary Ellen Ferrel


Jim Swanson was in Mrs. Wybright's first grade, but does not appear in the picture.
The oriental boy "Walter" was in Mrs. Davis' 2nd grade, but does not appear in the picture.
In the 3rd grade picture, the girl on the far right of the front row, labeled "unknown", may possibly be the Linda Paten, Mr. Paten ran a variety sotre in old Warrenton for a short time.
The class histories in the 7th and 8th grade yearbooks don't seem to match the pictures. Movement of students between rooms may have been more frequent than we remember.