These are some class pictures and other random pictures of places and pupils from that era.Click on the small versions to see what was scanned at full resolution. Many prints were originally poorly focused (mainly by me) and there is no greater resolution than what you see. If you have any photos you would like to contribute, I would appreciate the opportunity to post them here. Please scan in 300 dpi or higher. I will credit each source. Please send to If you are not in the class of 1961 and have a set of grade school class pictures or just one, I would be glad to post them under your class year.

The pictures below are just thumbnails of the actual pictures. You can click on these pictures and download the full resolution size jpg.

8th Grade trip to Salem pictures class of 1961--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8th Grade Yearbook

1st row L to R Dick Garbers, unknown, Thor Johnson, John Rowley, David Body, Mike Anthony
Rear row Laura Wildgrube, Silvya Watson, ellen Jones, Janis Hayes, Joanne Morris, Anne Marie Ysland, Kay Knotts, Karen Young, Verna ?, Mary Van, Betty Joe Byers, Mary Lou ?, Nancy Keller
Photo courtesy of Ike Kempt
Back Row: unknown, unknown, Ken Doney, Glen Galusha, Frank Morris, Ike Kempt, unknown, Bob Peterson, Leanard Schultz, Dick Miller, Gale Plummer
Front Row: unknown, Jackie Stanavich, unkown, unknown, Anita Reischman, Norma Herglund, Ann Hamilton, unknown, Ruth Robashaw, unknown, Nancy Rawls
Photo courtesy of Ike Kempt

1st Row: Dick Miller, Don Matteson, Dick Garbers, Frank Mattila, unknown, unknown
2nd Row: Gale Plummer, Annie Hamilton, Thor Johnson, unknown, Ken Doney, unknown, Ruth Robashaw
3rd Row: Anita Reischman, Bob Peterson, Ike Kempt, Nancy Rawls, unknown, unknown
4th Row, unknown, unkown, Janice Hayes, unknown, unknown, unknown
5th Row: unknown, unknown, Joanne Morris, Frank Morris, unknown, Ellen Jones, unknown

Photo courtesy of Ike Kempt

Rear Row: Mrs. Leding, unkown, Ellen Jones, unknown, Janice Hayes, Dick Garbers, Ike kempt, Kay Knotts, Norma Herglund, Loretta Killian, Joanne Morris, unknown
Front Row: Ken Doney, Glenn Galusha, Charles Godwin, Thor Johnson, unknown, unknown, Marilou Lee, Janice Hayes, unknown, Collin Morgan, unknown

Photo courtesy of Ike Kempt

Mrs. Goodman
Front Row: Ken Doney, Glen Galusha, Billy Miller, David Bodie, Thor Johnson
2nd Row, Annie Hamilton, Bonnie Bates, Marilou Lee, Sharon D, Iltola Herglund, Darlene M
3rd Row: Janice Hayes, Charles Godwin, Jackey E, Normal Herglund, Kay Knotts, Ellen Mae Jones
Rear Row: Dick Garbers, Joanne Morris, Ikey Kempt, Kenneth Luthell, Loretta Killion, Donald Matteson