These are some class pictures and other random pictures of places and pupils from that era.Click on the small versions to see what was scanned at full resolution. If you have any photos you would like to contribute, I would appreciate the opportunity to post them here. Please scan in 300 dpi or higher. I will credit each source. Please send to If you are not in the class of 1961 and have a set of grade school class pictures or just one, I would be glad to post them under your class year.

The pictures below are just thumbnails of the actual pictures. You can click on these pictures and download the full resolution size jpg.

Class of 1962

All of the pictures and information below were supplied by David (Luke) Reed.

Teacher Mrs. Hull 3rd Grade 1953
Back row, L to R Ken Blanchett, unknown, Bob Bronson, John Mowick, Leon Fromong, John Kaiser, unknown, Bob Newton, unknown, Luke Reed, Jerry Moore
Front Row, L to R Keith Soukkala, unkown, unknown, unknown, Cheryl Wadsworth, Marry Hamilton, Francis Richardson, Marilyn Karna, unknown, Gerald Smotherman

Combined 4th and 5th Grades 1954
Front Row: Bob Newton, Gerald Smotherman, John Kaiser, Eugene Teague, Jim Teague
2nd Row: Ann Ysland, Karen Young, Leonard Schultz, Keith Soukkala, Luke Reed, Francis Richardson, unkown
3rd Row: Patti Pike, Maureen Tracy, Laura Wildgrube, unkown, Jo Smith, Mary Tracy, Mary Van
4th Row: Sylvia Watson, John Spencer, Jacqui Stanavich, Leanne Voelker, Jon Rowley, Ed Weigel, Mrs. Lois Graham

Teacher Mrs, Lois Graham 5th grade 1955
Back row L to R John Spencer, Marilyn Karna, Mary Hamilton, Barbara Hemphill, unknown, unknown, Cheryl Wadsworth, unknown, unknown, Eugene Teague
Front row L to R Francis Richardson, Jerry moore, Keith Soukkala, Gerald Smotherman, Bob Bronson, John Kaiser, Luke Reed, Bob Newton, unkown

"WHS-62--8th grade boys 1958"
L to R: Luke Reed, Gerald Smotherman, Bob Jones, Rick Edwards, Lowell
Ford (in 3rd row), John Fitcha, Sam Roundy

"WHS-62--8th grade girls 1958"
L to R: unkown, unknown, Peggy Darnell, Cheryl Wadsworth, Pat Snively, unkown, Patti
Pike, Kay Johanson, Judy Hart