These are some class pictures and other random pictures of places and pupils from that era.Click on the small versions to see what was scanned at full resolution. If you have any photos you would like to contribute, I would appreciate the opportunity to post them here. Please scan in 300 dpi or higher. I will credit each source. Please send to If you are not in the class of 1961 and have a set of grade school class pictures or just one, I would be glad to post them under your class year. Any corrections or identification of unknowns in these pictures would be most welcome. Please send to

The pictures below are just thumbnails of the actual pictures. You can click on these pictures and download the full resolution size jpg.

Class of 1963

Courtesy of Maxey Kempt

1952 - 1953 2nd Grade Class Picture Teacher: Selena Dove
Back Row L-R Rodney Black Bob, Longfellow, unknown, unknown, Michael Larsh,unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Maxey Kempt
Front Row L-R unknown, Carolyn Newton, unknown, Janet Dailey, Mary Hitchman, Michelle Kobryzcki, Susan Niemi. Sue Brim, Mary Louise Semmes, Tim Shultz, unknown

"WHS-63--2nd grade 1953" (courtesy of David (Luke) Reed
Front Row: Diane Bushnell, Phyllis Cole, Verlea Rodriguez, Mary Fish, Bonnie Heckard
2nd Row: Velma Richardson, Karen Cooper, Kathy Dunning, Pamala See, Barbara Rowley, Donna Sue Phillip, Darlene Haerer, Suzi Niemi, Shirley Knotts, Kristine Anderson
3rd Row: Leonard Hayes, Jimmy Watts, Earl Woffard, Larry Davis, Dennis Puckett, Sonny Lynn, Billie Hamilton, Earl Van, Warren Hubbard, Kenny Blanchett
Back Row: Teacher Miss Joanna Firth

1953 - 1954 3RD Grade Class Picture
Teacher: Mrs. Ida De Rock

Back Row L-R Barbara Rowley, Susan Niemi, unknown, Evelyn Voelker, unknown, Mike Thompson, Maxey Kempt
Middle Row L-R Jimmy Watts, unknown, Michael Larsh, unknown, Earl Van, Bob Longfellow, Rodney Black, Kathy Thompson
Front Row L-R unknown, Tim Shultz, unknown, Carolyn Newton, unknown, unknown

1954 - 1955 4TH Grade Class Picture
Teacher: Camelia Petersen

Back Row L-R unknown, unknown, Maxey Kempt, Darlene Haerer,unknown, Kathy Thompson, Sue Brim, Susan Niemi, Kathy Dunning, Mary Hitchman, Kristine Anderson
Front Row L-R unknown, Kenny Blanchard, Michael Larsh, Rodney Black, Diane Bushnell, unknown, Bob Longfellow, unknown, Warren Hubbard, Leonard Hayes

1955 - 1956 5th Grade Class Picture
Teacher: Grace Hunt

Rear Row Bob Matteson, Mike Thompson, Evelyn Voelker, unknown, Mary Louise Semmes, Maxey Kempt, unknown
Middle Row L-R Earl Woffard, Earl Van, Kathy Thompson, Susan Niemi, Pamel See, Barbara Rowley, Jimmy Watts
Front Row L-R unknown, Carolyn Newton, Warren Hubbard, Leonard Hayes, Bob Longfellow, unknown

1956 - 1957 6TH Grade Class Picture
Teacher: Inez R. Sanford

Back Row L-R Pamela See, unknown, Sue Brim, Mary Hitchman, Kristine Anderson, Susan Niemi
Middle Row L-R Leonard Hayes, Maxey Kempt, Bob Matteson, Mike Thompson, Diane Bushnell, Kathy Thompson, Kathy Dunning
Front Row L-R unknown, unknown, Bob Longfellow, Michael Larsh, Tim Shultz

1957 - 1958 7TH Grade Class Picture
Teacher: Randy Brown

Rear Row L-R Kristine Anderson, unknown, unknown, Pamela See, Darlene Haerer, Shirley Knotts, Mergrez Anderson, Maxey Kempt
Front Row L-R Mary Hitchman, unknown, Warren Hubbard, Earl Wofford, Jimmy Watts, unknown, Kenneth Ostgard, unknown, Kathy Dunning

1958 - 1959 8th Grade Class Picture
Teacher: Mrs. Hartill

Rear Row L-R Diane Bushnell, Mary Hitchman, Maxey Kempt, Janet Dailey, Shirley Knotts, Rodney Black, Bob Matteson, Mergrez Anderson, Pam See, unknown
Front Row L-R Carolyn Newton, Tim Shultz, Jimmy Watts, unknown, unknown, Neva Jo Fenton, Kathy Dunning, unknown, Warren Hubbard

Courtesy of Susanna Henry


4th grade - class of 1963 taken 1955
courtesy of Neva Jo (Fenton) Suhadolnik

8th grade girls - class of 1963
courtesy of Neva Jo (Fenton) Suhadolnik


Pictures below are courtesy of Maxey Kempt

L-2-R Michelle Kobrzycki, Earl Wofford,
Kathy Thompson, Earl Van, Mary Hitchman

L-2-R Max Kempt, Darlene Haerer,
Bob Longfellow

L-2-R Alice Olney, Janet Dailey, Warren Hubbard, Bob Longfellow, Michelle Kobrzycki, Earl Wofford
Neva Jo Fenton and Earl Van Dancing

L-2-R Kathy Thompson, Mary Hitchman, Earl Van,
Mergrez Anderson, Teacher-Mrs. Hartill,
Kristine Anderson

Michelle Kobrzycki and Bob Longfellow coming off the stage

Mike Eastburn and Diane Bushnell coming down steps
And in front I think this is Alice Olney