These are some class pictures and other random pictures of places and pupils from that era.Click on the small versions to see what was scanned at full resolution. Many prints were originally poorly focused (mainly by me) and there is no greater resolution than what you see. Morrison, Fort Steven, and Navy Heights grade schools were included because many students from these schools transfered to Warrenton. If you have any photos you would like to contribute, I would appreciate the opportunity to post them here. Please scan in 300 dpi or higher. I will credit each source. Please send to If you are not in the class of 1961 and have a set of grade school class pictures or just one, I would be glad to post them under your class year.

The pictures below are just thumbnails of the actual pictures. You can click on these pictures and download the full resolution size jpg.

Class of 1958 Pictures

Class of 1963 Pictures

Class of 1962 Pictures

Class of 1961 Pictures

Class of 1960 Pictures

Class of 1959 Pictures

Morrison School Class Pictures

Fort Stevens Class Pictures

Navy Heights School Pictures

4th grade - class of 1963 taken 1955
courtesy of Neva Jo Suhadolnik

8th grade girls - class of 1963
courtesy of Neva Jo Suhadolnik

Top Row: Jerry Moore, Sam Roundy, Paul Depping, Neal Kirsher, John Spencer, #7 Chuck Kobryski, Bob Bronson, unknown
Middle Row: Coach Tom Becic, #18 Dick Garbers, #19 Don Matteson, #16 Ike Kempt,#20 Charles Morris, #11 Rod Gramson, #17 John Mowack, #15 Frank Mattila
Front Row: David Bodie, #13 Thor Johnson, #14 Jon Rowley, Ken Doney, unknown, #12 Keith Soukala, Larry Ferrell

cheerleader pictures courtesy of Sherry Lenhard

1948 Sunday School courtesy Don Knotts

1. unknown 2. Mrs. Leding 6th grade 3. Mrs. Goodman 7th grade 4. unkown 5. Mrs. Willener 2nd grade 6. Mrs. Sanford 6th grade 7. unknown 8. unknown 9. unknown 10. Mrs Graham 5th grade 11. Miss Joseph 4th grade 12. Mrs. Davis 2nd grade 13. Mrs. Hunt 4th grade 14. Mrs. Ebson 4th grade 15. Mr. Dent Warrenton Superintendent 16. Mrs. Hart 3rd grade 17. unknown 18. Mr Gorgh grade unknown 19. Cy Williamson grade school principal 20. unkown
1949 faculty picture courtesy of Don Knotts