Helen Pike Adams

Bob, Condolences November 14, 2015

My story as Helen being my classmate & very good friend in those school days living in Warrenton, OR. To this day we would talk at least once a year, to catch up and & reminisce our fun time together.

I can't put into words my thought for you and your family at this time of loss. Please share my letter with your children if you would like to. So often we don't share a lot of our memories from our school years. bob, I think both you & the children will find this letter to shed a little joy & laughter. I am blank to remember all you names. I remember Kim, Kelley, & Bobby.

When Helen & I met it seemed to be good from the start, even if I was a little taller than her. Ha. At times we liked the same boys they seem to like Helen & sometimes did ask me for a date. Ha.

We both belonged to the girls Theta Rho Sorority in Warrenton & held offices together. Helping with community work & some fundraisers for the Sorority. Volunteering at the USO Military (United Service Organization) in Astoria, a few times a month, baking cakes & cookies - visiting with the soldiers & dancing with them (oh yes, very chaperoned) by an adult at each visit. The soldiers wanted to make a date with us - not realizing we were just 16 & 17 years old. (We looked 19 & 20 or older) for sure. We wore the Mr. Potato Head outfit in the Regatta Parade in Astoria.

In High school Home Economics we loved making our (A - line dressed) using the same pattern but with different prints. Helen & I were in the Warrenton High School Cheer team (called Pepsters) for the football team. Oh yes, the fun sleepovers telling scary stories & going over to the (cemetery across the street) from where Helen lived. Waiting to see what girl was chicken & the first to leave after dark. Please know I am praying for each of you at this difficult time. Helen was proud of all of you as her family. From Sherry Lenhard, Garbers Welch.